T: 07789 203637        E: debbie@deborahcundy.com   Debbie Cundy – Weight loss Management Coach


IMG_0130 - Copy Debbie Cundy is a Qualified  Professional Personal Performance Coach with her niche being weight loss Management. Debbie has first-hand experience in this area, losing an incredible 12 stones in weight with diet and exercise and the right mind set to achieve such a “mammoth” weight loss challenge. Successful business woman, feature writer and qualified chef in her own right. Debbie has overcome many challenges in her life to achieve her own goals and continues to enjoy a healthier and fulfilling life. Prolific fundraiser, Debbie has supported numerous charities over the years and has recently received “The Good Citizen award for 2014 from The Bradfield Parish Council for her contribution to the community, Debbie is passionate about supporting others to help reach their own goals and aspirations in life.

Debbie is an ambassador of the MOVE MORE project in Sheffield, THE VISION is for Sheffield to become the most active City in the UK by 2020 –  From a business perspective Debbie is a specialist in supporting individuals not only in weight loss management but in many other areas such as; stress management, relationship and retirement coaching, personal and career development, motivation, confidence and self-esteem, Image and work/life balance. She enjoys sharing her inspirational story with others as a Guest Speaker. Consequently she has a wide range of expertise within these areas and continues to develop her own knowledge and skills within the coaching arena.



This year I wanted to push myself out of my own “comfort Zone ” and so I decided to get on my bike for charity once again! London to Paris cycling 252 miles from Capital to Capital in just 3 days. My challenge was to raise  over £1,000 for The Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity in Sheffield.  I successfully completed my challenge on 6th June 2015. I raised in total £1,760.00 for the Hospital and along with 45 others helped raised £53,000 for The Charity Endeavor.


In September 2016 I shall be taking up the challenge of cycling coast to coast of Ireland over 250 miles in 3 days. 

I enjoy meeting people and sharing my own story in the way of Guest Speaking to groups such has the wonderful WI branches and small businesses who are looking to motivate their teams. I am pushing myself out of my own “comfort zone” and embracing opportunities not only to be a guest on BBC RADIO but also try interviewing myself…………. I recently had the privilege of just that when I interviewed Jess Ennis -Hill. Twice Gold Medal winner.


“IT’S NOT THE MOUNTAIN WE CONQUER, BUT OURSELVES” – Sir Edmund Hilary  Mountaineer, explorer, philanthropist